Corporate volunteering is a great way for your business to support the work of our Community and provide meaningful support to the men in our care. Corporate volunteering is a rewarding and enjoyable way for businesses to contribute to the community and enhance their Corporate Social Responsibility. It not only provides an enjoyable team building activity but also a better understanding of the issues relating to homelessness and disadvantage.
Your employees can assist in a range of activities at our community including food preparation and meal service in our busy kitchen and dining room, helping out with gardening or maintenance or participating in activities with our residents. Employees can also offer their professional time and skills to our Community such as assisting with marketing or fundraising activities. 
Corporate volunteering can be a rich and rewarding experience for your business and and leave your employees feeling like they have made a meaningful contribution to the community and those in need. To find our more about our Corporate Volunteering Program, please complete the form below and one of our friendly staff will be in touch with you shortly.