Corpus Christi Community is committed to your safety and wellbeing, and are working to reduce the risk of exposure to novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and other infections.

Our infection control monitoring group is meeting regularly to closely monitor our home and surrounding communities.

We are following advice from Australia’s Chief Medical Officer, VIC Department of Health, World Health Organization and the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.

We also work closely and receive daily updates from the department on changing rules and treatment information

We have implemented a raft of infection mitigation measures and continue to refine these daily to minimize risk to our community.

We continue to encourage and supply the use of mask when in situations that 1.5 metre cannot be maintained.

Who We Are

Corpus Christi Community, Greenvale was inspired by a determination that everyone should feel valued and supported by their society, and to age with respect and care. Over the past 46 years, our life-changing mission has reached out to some of those most marginalised and vulnerable in the Melbourne community – and at the heart of our work, you’ll find the men who had the courage to make a fresh start, amidst community, kindness and friendship.

What We Do

Corpus Christi Community, Greenvale is a residential care facility that provides accommodation and support for marginalised older men with a history of homelessness, addiction, or complex health needs. We offer a fresh start for a life that’s safe, secure, independent and part of a vibrant community.

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