Corpus Christi Community’s door is always open. Walking through it is a result of your life not turning out as planned. Job losses, family disputes, illness and sheer bad luck – these can all be the reason that you might look to our Community. Here is just a small collection of the stories of the men who have come to call our community their home over the last 40 years and how their lives have changed.

  • John’s Story

    John, 83 has called Corpus Christi Community home for the last 30 years. After spending the better part of 20 years travelling around country NSW while battling a chronic alcohol…...more

  • Colin’s Story

    I’ve always been a drifter – I wanted to get out and see the world, and didn’t mind being on my own. Growing up in Queensland, I left school at…...more

  • Rob’s Story

    I’ve made a few friends here and have started doing art, drawing and making dreamcatchers. I also volunteer doing woodwork for the Salvation Army...more

  • Barry’s Story

    I’ve worked all my life – but when I couldn’t get work any more, that’s when things began to fall apart. It only took 12 months to destroy myself -…...more

  • Glenn’s Story

    Corpus Christi is home, and I can watch the days come and go. I do art and read books, spend time in the garden and with the organised activities. I…...more

  • Eddie’s Story

    I’d been homeless for two years when the police found me, living under a bridge in South Yarra – I don’t remember much about that time, but it wasn’t good.…...more

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