The broad and complex mission of Corpus Christi Community, Greenvale requires a huge range of resources, both financial and human. While government funding and fees paid by residents go some way to meeting our daily expenses, our organisation and the wellbeing of our men relies heavily on assistance from the wider community.

There are countless ways you can support our life-saving work. Regardless of how or what you give, or the amount, it is meaningful to our vulnerable residents, and makes a huge difference to how all of the Corpus Christi Community family operates.

Volunteering is a great way to become more involved in your community and to give back to those in need.
Find out how you can volunteer your time and skills to help improve the lives of the men in our care.

Donating time as a workplace is a great way to provide opportunities for you and your employees to use your talents to give back to the community.

Our team is always on the lookout for assistance from individuals, schools, or community groups that would like to host a fundraising event on our behalf.

Aligning your organisation with the community through a formal workplace giving program is a great way to instill generosity and good works into your corporate culture.

Make a difference to the residents of our community by leaving a bequest in your will. Whether large or small, your bequest will help us plan for the future with confidence.

Build a meaningful career in the not-for-profit sector while making a difference in the lives of the men in our care

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